Boho – style is the style of the harmony of your inner world with the outer world, the awareness of your own importance and uniqueness. Actually, all that is in harmony with the environment and do not clash with it, is a part of the real boho style. In the style of boho clothing, four main trends can be singled out: eco itself, the original hippies, glamor, vintage and the traditional classic.

Boho – Eco is characterized by using only natural fabrics such as silk, linen, and cotton. This trend allows using a large scale of ethnic motifs not only in accessories but also in prints. Vintage, elegance, lots of details and tender romantic images are basic peculiarities of this trend.

Boho – Glamour is famous for using furs, light fabrics (such as chiffon), lace, bow-knots. In addition, the stylists recommend wearing massive jewelry and vintage designer bags. This is sonorous, emphasized feminine style with lots of lace, frills, ruches, fichu, art punch work with styles like the white lace boho dress.

Boho – Hippie gives you a chance to “play” with different motifs in your outfit, and they can be traced not only in the mode of dressing but also in the range of colors of your suit, which can be combined with a big belt, large bright glasses, and massive jewelry. Plenty of colorful knitted items, fringes, using burlap and Mouton characterize its democratic style. The boho-vintage style is represented by old-fashioned dresses, coats, and shabby shoes. An old big grandmother’s handbag or a vintage bag is exactly what you need if this style is your choice. Boho vintage trend is preferred by the English people, who adore old-fashioned things.

Boho – Classic is famous for using clothing of vintage style, designed from jersey (should necessarily be hand-knitted), velvet and lace fabrics. It looks expensive and very beautiful.

One of the main rules of “Bohemian” style – is to keep the balance of taste, in order not to look ridiculous. You can mix, match and experiment in order to get the image, meeting the requirements of the ultra-modern style. Your clothing can be decorated with bright colored and floral prints, folklore ornaments and ethnic patterns. See -> Best Baby Accessories Guide 2018 & Online Baby Shop Review

Boho Outfits

The main things about Boho outfit are:

  • For its creation only the best quality fabrics are used;
  • Outfit has loose style – so all pieces of Boho outfit are very comfortable to wear;
  • In the style of Boho, each small detail is so important, these details give Boho outfit a special elegance – and it’s a real pleasure to look at them;
  • Boho clothing is often decorated with lace or embroidery that emphasizes the uniqueness of your image.

So, what should you start with, if you decide to try this style? First of all, you can buy one piece of clothing and try to combine it with your usual outfit. For example, you can buy a tunic or a sweater and try it with your jeans. Or, you can buy a long skirt and once you put it on, you will feel the incredible lightness and smoothness, and your image will become unique. Women’s wardrobe should include the following Boho outfits: multi-layered skirts and long sundresses, maxi dresses, made of linen or cotton, tunics or mini-dresses with a belt or a scarf, narrowed or flared trousers and jeans, ugg boots, ankle boots for winter and thick-soled sandals or flat shoes for summer, fur or jeans jackets. Accessories can be in ethnic style. You can also buy straw hats, big sunglasses, and big designer bags.

Men’s wardrobe should necessarily include such Boho outfits as ripped jeans or velvet trousers; cowboy boots, men’s ugg boots, sandals, coats and jackets, made of jeans, velvet and other natural fabrics, T-shirts, and chemises. Accessories should also contain some ethnic features, watches should be with leather strap and, of course, men should wear bandanas and felt hats.

You can buy either expensive designer outfit or simple pieces of clothing in a cheap shop. The important thing is to combine them together in a smart way. You can even create your new image of clothing that you’ve already had in your wardrobe, or at least you can try them on, and then you’ll get the right idea about the style. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new images, as Boho is the easiest and the most original style that has been always is fashion, and choosing your personal Boho outfit, you will be truly unique.