Learn how you can dress hippie really. In today’s fashion scene it’s become quite popular to dress in a way that calls back to the fashion of the 60s and the hippie subculture. However, these outfits available at the local mart, (wink) is not necessarily how to dress hippie. Following the standard, regurgitated fashion made in mass flies in the very face of true hippie fashion.

First of all, hippies did not “try” to dress hippie. Their clothing reflected who they were and what their outlook was on life and the world at large. It’s difficult to mimic standing for something. I am surprised often when I talk to younger people who think they are “into” the hippie scene. They think it really is about the clothes or smoking pot or alternative music. They’ve missed the entire point – and that is THE POINT.

I also think these youngsters tend to think that the hippies were a unified group. The reality is that their only unification was that they were breaking away from the norm. In so doing, they broke away in a multitude of ways. Some were into drugs. Some were into music. Some were into art. Some were into living off the land. Some were into sex. Some were into religions. You name it, they scoped it out. Plain and simple. None of them were into everything. It wasn’t that homogenized. As such, their clothes reflected the particular bent they were on.

Additionally, their so-called fashions were actually a rebellion and breaking away from the standard in and of themselves. This was diametrically opposed to the concept of “fashion-forward” or “fashion-backward”. The very idea that folks would head out and seek to or attempt to dress hippie should make any self-respecting hippie roll his eyes.

The clothes worn by hippies were made and repurposed from other items just so they DID NOT BUY the fashions of the day, furthering “the man” and his capitalistic money grubbing. They took old jeans and cut them up and sewed them together to make damn near everything! From quilts, to skirts, to jackets and vests and so much more.

They used bandanas to hold their hair back or out of their eyes as they were outside a lot. It wasn’t about wearing gang colors or fashion colors. Their headbands, clothes, hair, cars, windows, walls, bedspreads, floors and doorways became places to effect change, to beautify, to modify. Essentially they looked for a myriad of ways to alter the way things were. Some because they believed in the change. Some because they were jumping on the bandwagon or just thought something was cool.

Modern ways we do this is through tattoos and piercings. We are challenging the norm and looking for a way to make a statement. If you focus on your inner voice, formulating your world view and living honestly with that world view, you will be way closer to being able to dress hippie.

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