Best Baby Accessories Guide 2018 & Online Baby Shop Review

2018 Online Baby Accessories Guide

Are you expecting a baby in the year 2018, or do you already have a young child that you would like to do some shopping for? Check out the best baby accessories for 2018, as shared by Baby Ni – Best Online Baby Shop 2018.



1. Puj Tub 

Brand new babies don’t always need a tub bath, but while in the sink little ones should be comfy and ready to be cleaned in style! The Puj Tub is an insert that you place in your sink to cushion and cradle the newborn body while your baby gets squeaky clean.

2. Doona Infant Car Seat 

A dream come true! A car seat that can turn into a stroller at the push of a button? Fantastic! This is a great choice for any parent, but especially the busy mom or dad on-the-go who may have to jump in and out of taxi cabs. Either way, the convenience cannot be beaten. While it may be on the more costly side, keep in mind you will be getting two must-haves for baby at the price of one.

3. Solly Baby Wrap 

Summer is approaching, which means that carrying your little one outside can leave you both in a state of sweatiness if you aren’t careful. Luckily, the Solly Baby Wrap makes it a breeze (no pun intended) to enjoy spending time with your little one. It is soft and stays nice and sturdy after each wash. Great for babies up to 25 pounds.

In conclusion, these three baby accessories are some of the best ones that can be found on the market in the year 2018. If you are expecting a little one or you have already been blessed with your bundle of joy, we highly suggest looking into these great products.