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First steps

With a playful and colorful sense of esthetics, Deux par Deux, the Quebec label created by Claude Diwan and Maurice Elmaleh, turned the children's ready-to-wear market upside down in 1982, introducing a flamboyant style with European inspirations. For us, children represent gaiety, innocence, freedom, and we had to design a brand of clothing that brought all this to mind, declared Claude Diwan in 1986. Through its audacious, fantastic collections, the company quickly took the lead in the Canadian children's fashion industry.

Deux par deux fashion

The Deux par Deux team has a mission to design and manufacture clothing of superior quality, decorated with amusing designs and playful messages, punctuated with sparkling colors. From layettes to snowsuits, with a wide range of diversified clothing for both day-to-day wear and special occasions, Deux par Deux dresses little tykes from 0 to 36 months old, as well as big kids from 2 to 16 years old.

Made from ultra-comfortable, cozy materials, Deux par Deux fashions are perfectly suited for the active lives of children. As for their parents, Deux par Deux clothes are very easy to maintain. Painstaking care is also taken with respect to the patterns, ensuring great freedom of movement.

Deux par deux universe

Ours is a captivating world, filled with creativity, the fantastic and vitality. For several years now, Deux par Deux has been fascinated with the open-air exploration of the faces of children throughout the world, through their simplicity and the richness of their culture. For several seasons, the team has traveled the globe, snapping the charming little faces of the children who will become the future symbols of the Deux par Deux collections.

When traveling to photograph them in the heart of Havana, in Cuba, Saint Petersburg in Russia, a Berber village in Morocco, or in the steppes of Mongolia, the team sets out to discover the ever radiant unique and unknown beauties of life. 'All of the little girls in the world share something extraordinary that surpasses cultural borders: each one is cuter than the last, affirming their joy in life and freshness in front of the camera,' said Claude Diwan.

The adult world

The growing renown of Deux par Deux is the fruit of a strong commitment to the quality of the products made, as well as high-performance international service. Supported by creative and experienced designers as well as customer service representatives who understand the clients' needs, the team works in a friendly and respectful environment.

Deux par deux universe


Visa Montreal-New York Award

1992, 1994, 1996

Griffe d'Or, category "Design"


Parchemin d'Or, category "Design"

1997, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2003,
2004, 2005

Earnie award for best Canadian designer in Children's wear. The winners are selected by retailers, Earnshaw's magazine tabulates these results and announces the winners.

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